What are all the candy types in Fortnite for Halloween and Fortnitemares

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Fortnite brought in candy for Fortnitemares and some of them are too good to pass up.

Fortnitemare isn’t just about the spooks, like zombies jump scarring you in certain locations or demonic, zombie-chickens hunting you down across the hills of the Fortnite island. No, it isn’t just about the tricks this season in Fortnite, but treats as well.

There are candies you can get at any major town POI in the game, and they’re in little trick-or-treat buckets. These candies can give you little boosts, so what are they what do the candies do?

Candy Corn will give you one health per second for 10 seconds. So it’ll restore your health by 10 if you don’t get hit. Then you have the Jelly Beans, which work like Slurp Mushrooms. They restore 10 to your shield or health

Then you have the Thermal Taffy, which gives you thermal vision, along with five points of health. The thermal vision you get from eating it makes spotting enemies a breeze. Then you have the Pepper Mint item, which increases your speed for a short time while giving you five health points should you need it.

Hop Drops may be in the game, though I haven’t seen them myself. If they’re back for 2022, they give you a speed increase while decreasing your gravity, allowing you to jump. It also restores your health by five if you need it. The same goes for the Zero Point Pretzel. If it’s returned, it gives you the Zero Point Dash, as the Zero Point Fish did.

What candy should you carry with you?

Candy Corn and Jelly Beans are desperation consumables. Unless you’re really banged up, you really don’t need to carry them as there are better options for healing out there.

The Thermal Taffy is great if you’re a sniper or a scope player, as it’ll help you see your targets. Pepper Mint items are great if you’re trying to avoid a player who is tracking you. The same goes for Hot Drops. The ease of gravity will allow you to make an escape easier.

Zero Point Pretzels are best if you’re the one tracking someone. You can clear the ground and make it harder for the player you’re pursuing to hit you.

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