Watch: Fortntite has relased the Fortnitemares trailer it’s incredible

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Fortnite has released its trailer for Fortnitemares and it gives you all the hype.

Fortnitemares is here and fans should be getting excited about the holiday-themed events. Fortnite is big on bringing these types of things to the game, anything involving holidays or major events always seems like a ripe area for the game to pick from. It helps freshen the game up and keeps players on their toes.

With a game like Fortnite, being so open-ended and having a variety of ways you can play it, keeping things seasonally fresh is important. It helps gives fans a reason to come back to the game every so often, after all, since this isn’t your typical game with levels and save points, if you don’t play the new updates when they arrive, you may never get that chance.

So Fortnite released a new trailer to help fans get in the headspace for the new season.

What is in the new trailer fans should know about?

The first thing it should be noted is that the new DJ Lyka character is front and center, and so are his new mythics, the Howler Claws. The claws have to be obtained either by doing a “ritual” emote at any number of alters or by eliminating a player who has the mythic already.

The trailer also shows off some of the new outfits for this event, namely the Ricky and Morty additions and the new Ash Williams crossover. Ash is of course from the Evil Dead franchise and the iconic cabin from the film is now in the game as well.

Another new outfit, seen at the end of the trailer is the Vivica Saint character. She’ll be available later in the event for fans to purchase and her involvement in the trailer may suggest a bigger arc for her in the game’s lore.

The Horde Rush LTM is also highlighted in the game, for players who want a different taste of what Fortnite has to offer.

What do you think of Fortnitemares so far if you’ve been playing and did the trailer get you back into the game?

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