Ranking the Fortnite Concept Royale winners now on sale

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Fortnite has brought in the Concept Royale outfits and they’re pretty awesome.

Fortnite’s yearly contest for fans is called the Concept Royale, where the winning selections get to be added to the game for players to purchase. It’s a big honor to be selected and the rewards for a winning selection are nice. I mean, who doesn’t like winning money?

Besides getting paid, players who submit their designs will also see them get added to the game. The selections were submitted and picked in March, with the winners getting added this October. The current crop of winners, who debuted to start the Fortnightmares event, were made by Kitsu and Dreo.

They follow the 2021 winners, lbdart_and AltaCalls. Ibdart_ created the Nalia outfit, while AltaCalls created the very cool Frigid Forgoer outfit.

The 2022 Fortnightmare outfits are live for you to purchase

The outfits for the new round of outfits are up and you can get them in the item shop now. The characters are the Sinister Glare and the Undying Sorrow, and both sound like Avenged Sevenfold songs from the late 2000s.

Sinister Glare has a unique look with the most defining piece of him being the giant hand for a head and the singular eye that opens up in the center of it. It’s definitely the centerpiece of the character and maybe the most striking part of the design. It’s also the thing that makes it hard to go for. The hand protrudes out pretty far, and it gives players a bigger target window when playing against you.

Definitely could be better, but a solid 7/10.

The Undying Sorrow has a similar style, with a focus on the eyes. Only instead of one, she has three. She also is missing her entire abdomen and is rocking some serious angel wings. She’s like if Sepiroth and Lisa Trevor had a kid.

Not very colorful but maybe a better overall design, earning a 8/10.

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