The Ranger Shotgun has been unvaulted but what type of player should use it?

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Fortnite has unvaulted the Ranger Shotgun but is the weapon right for you?

Fortnite has not done a great job with Chapter 3, Season 4 introducing new weapons for players to get their hands on. Instead, they unvaulted a whole host of previous weapons for players to use as they battle their way across the island.

One of those weapons is the Ranger Shotgun, a long-barreled shotgun that fires one shot at a time. According to many, it’s only back for a limited time, so it’ll likely be gone as fast as it was brought back. If I were to guess, I’d say it would be around for a week or so.

The lack of new weapons has upset fans but bringing back great vaulted weapons like the Ranger Shotgun is a great step in the right direction. That said, this shotgun isn’t like others in the loot pool.

What type of player should use the Ranger Shotgun in Fortnite?

Most players who use shotguns usually use them for their easy use. They have a wide spray when they fire, so you don’t have to be pinpoint accurate. Even the new EvoChrome shotguns have a spread shot, only it’s lateral and narrow so it’s not the best.

The Ranger Shotgun, however, isn’t known for its wide spray. Instead, it clusters its shot and packs a single pop that’s pretty powerful. This is not a shotgun for the more common or newer players in the game. You want to go with a heavy impact gun with a higher rate of fire.

The EvoChrome Shotgun isn’t the best shotgun but it’s better for newer players.

No, the Ranger Shotgun is for more experienced players, who prefer to play from a distnace. So if you’re a big fan of weapons like the DMR or the sniper, this is the shotgun for you. It’s absolutely trash in a close-quarters fire fight but if you prefer stalking your opposition, this weapon is for you.

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