Red Claw is Fortnite’s selection for the October 2022 Crew Pack

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Fortnite has revealed its newest Crew Pack selection for October in Red Claw.

A new Crew Pack is coming to Fortnite in October. The monthly subscription gives players a brand new costume every month, as well as that corresponding season’s Battle Pass. It’s a pretty sweet deal if you want some cosmetics.

Last months was the brilliantly designed Loveless character. This month’s is the less impressive Red Claw. The angry red lobster-looking character will come to the game on Oct. 1, replacing Loveless. So if you want the better-designed Loveless, you have until midnight on October 1st to get her.

The costume for Red Claw isn’t great, but he does come with a load of things;

October’s Crew Pack:

"Red Claw OutfitBlack Fang Back BlingRed’s Rippers PickaxeShredded Red WrapNever Take Me Alive Loading ScreenDark Nights Music PackRed Lights Music PackDark Nights (Instrumental) Music PackRed Lights (Instrumental) Music PackChapter 3, Season 4 Battle Pass1,000 V-BucksThe ‘Never Take Me Alive’ Loading Screen"

Of course, if you purchase September or October’s Crew Pack, you’ll get access to the Battle Pass as well. If you already have this season’s Battle Pass, you’ll get an additional 950 V-Bucks credited to your account.

Epic Games
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Red Claw’s helmet is the issue for the character

In Lucha Libre, the mask is the most important thing when it comes to a wrestler’s look. The same is true for any character or any creation in any form of media. A great-looking mask will either make or break a character.

For Red Claw, that mask isn’t doing it. It looks like some type of odd wolf or bull skull on top of his head, but the dreadlocks behind it make it look like some sort of angry squid or lobster. That’s where the issue comes in, it’s just a weak mask design.

Though if you’re looking for a new character to play as, purchasing his outfit will get you access to a solid-looking Battle Pass.

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