The Iron Man Zero suit is here for Fortnite fans and it’s awful

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Fortnite fans can now get their hands on the new Iron Man Zero outfit.

It’s a day that ends in “Y”, which means there’s more Marvel content in the Fortnite store. Fans can now get their hands on the new Iron Man Zero outfit, just released on Sept. 29. The suit made its debut in the pages of the Marvel and Fortnite crossover story and it comes with several variants.

Players who purchase the outfit will have three different variants. There will be two different colored versions and a version with a more regular Iron Man helmet being visible. Its arrival replaces the recently returned Balenciaga Classics Set, Queasy’s Locker Bundle, and the Shadow Strike Pack.

You can purchase the character separately or as part of the bundle. The bundle includes the Repulsor Pack Back Bling, the Bladed Gauntlet Pickaxe, the Stark Seven Wrap, and the Zero War Frontlines loading screen. The outfit also includes the Iron Man, Revealed Emote.

Epic Games
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The Iron Man Zero suit is straight garbage

I feel like I’m watching Pimp My Ride. Do you like your character, inside of an armored suit, while inside of another armored suit? No, Xzibit, I do not. The idea of an armored character inside of another piece of armor that provides nothing to the character is silly.

Made even more silly is the outlandish dimensions the suit has. It’s huge, and you’ll stand out like a sore thumb number one, and number two, when the suit’s larger helmet is up, the tiny arms become even more apparent while you’re running around. You look so awkward, and more like a character out of a 1950’s pulp science fiction film than a legendary superhero.

One has to wonder why they thought this was a good design in the first play when the dimensions are so skewed and unnatural.

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