Fortnite players may soon be able to ride flying animals

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If you thought the people who rode animals were annoying now, just wait.

When Fortnite went to the season of Vibin, they brought with them many new and interesting things. One of those interesting things was the ability to ride animals. A decision that has not been the most welcomed. I personally hate it, but some others love it.

It’s certainly a divisive move, as the creators are basically free to use partners if you’re not riding them, with the wolves attacking anything and everything that moves, save for the player who is bonded to it.

The extra defense and attack that comes with riding an animal are obnoxious and I would love it if they were taken out of the game. Yet, that’s not happening and according to some in the community, the ability to ride animals is going to get even more silly and dumb, because Fortnite is apparently bringing in larger, ridable, winged creatures.

Fortnite is rumored to be bringing in ridable aerial creatures

With the island raising everything into the air to avoid the chrome, the idea of Fortnite adding winged creatures that players can latch onto and control makes sense. After all, the game is apparently bringing back Choppas and Biplanes, so why not add more aerial fodder to the game?

This is where things apparently get interesting. As opposed to just riding the creatures and hopping on like wolves, the game may finally bring in the long-rumored saddler item. This will allow players to attach themselves to further-away creatures and ride them.

If it’s brought in, it would be for the flying creatures, but it would presumably work for wolves and boars as well. Now, if only it’d work for the sharks, that would be an item worth having.

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