Fortnite is toning down its fog and that is a lame idea

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Fortnite has decided to tone down the fog on the island.

If you’ve ever logged into Fortnite over the last few years, one of the things you’ll have noticed is the island has weather and a sunrise/sunset system. The island will usually rotate and cycle through various states of weather but the one thing that never really does happen is rain. That would be a cool effect, especially since we had lighting storms for a little bit.

Another thing the island has and had are tornadoes, though those are mostly gone this season thanks to the non-moving Chrome tornado by the Herald’s sanctum. These are more recent additions to the island’s weather mechanics.

One of the older mechanics has been the fog. The fog will randomly roll in during a game and cause players to lose visibility during a match. The distance at which you can see often varied depending on how heavy the fog was. A new report from data miners seems to suggest that Epic Games has had Fortnite tone down the amount of fog it brings in.

So thick, dense fog will no longer appear on the island but light to moderate fog will still roll in from time to time.

Impairing senses is a great tactic by the game and making it less effective is lame.

Fortnite should be looking into making more ways to limit visibility, sound, and other senses that a player can experience during a game, not taking them away. Losing the dense fog is just silly, as it forced players to adapt to the new changes to the island or forced players into hiding if they preferred to play long-range.

It also served as a useful tool to get lost in, making it harder for snipers and players in pursuit to find you and attack you. Taking it away and making it less effective just takes a layer of gameplay away that fans shouldn’t want to lose.

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