Fortnite has adjusted the controversial EvoChrome weapons

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Epic Games, EvoChrome /

The controversial EvoChrome’s have been adjusted.

The EvoChrome rifle and shotgun have been the only new weapons added to Fortnite with the start of Chapter 3, Season 4. They’ve already been a great source of fan outrage, namely due to the unevenness they provide. Their gimmick is that they upgrade the more you use them, going from common all the way to mythic.

They come with downsides, however. Not only were the rifles very powerful, but the spread burst on the shotgun went laterally, instead of clustering. Making it very unlikely that you could actually do great damage with that shotgun unless you were close enough to make the shots matter.

According to Fortnite New on Twitter, the weapons will spawn more in the game than before, much to many fans’ chagrins. You’ll also be able to find rare, epic, and legendary versions in chests, completely eliminating the point of getting them in the first place. The game also reduced the amount of use required to achieve a new tier upgrade while using it.

According to HYPEX, the amount of damage required to achieve the following are as follows;

"Uncommon to Rare is now 100 instead of 215Rare to Epic is now 200 instead of 500Epic to Legendary is now 400 instead of 850Legendary to Mythic is now 1200 instead of 1800"

Fortnite fans are not very happy with the new weapons

While it’s great that the weapons don’t require as much effort to upgrade, the fact that they’re now all over the place is exactly the opposite of what fans want. Fans want a variety of weapons each season, and just giving fans two new weapons and a whole host of old ones isn’t the way to go.

Granted, the weapons that were unvalued are a lot of fun, but it seems like the game has put an emphasis on just the Chrome concept this season and it shows.

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