Ellen Ripley and her Xenomorph pal are still in the Fortnite store

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Ellen Ripley and the Xenomorph from the Alien franchise are still for sale.

In space, no one can hear you swear after you get eliminated in Fortnite. Unless you’re streaming, then it’ll live forever. That tagline, “In space…” was made famous by the first Alien film, starring Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley, one of the most badass women in all of the science fiction or horror history.

Ripley is a huge star across four Alien films, all of varying qualities, with many citing the first two (“Alien” and “Aliens”) as the best in the franchise. Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection have their fans, and the fourth, Resurrection, may have the best cast of all of the films. Though, its story is among the worst.

Fans of a certain age may leap at the chance to get their hands on the character designs, which include Ripley, who comes with a variant, and the titular alien, also known as a Xenomorph.

Fortnite fans don’t have long to get Ellen Ripley or the Xenomporh

The bundle that includes Ripley and the Xenomorph also comes with some other neat goodies;

"Ellen Ripley OutfitXenomorph OutfitBurst Case Scenario EmoteP-5000 Power Loader Arm PickaxeCheyenne Dropship Glider"

You should also be able to purchase the outfits separately. You can also get Newt’s cat as back bling and a second emote featuring the Xenomorph hissing, though that may be just for the Xenomorph outfit.

No word on if other iconic characters like Hicks or the android Bishop will ever be added but hopefully they will be.

You don’t have very long until they’re removed from the Fortnite store. They aren’t expected to be long-term additions and have already been available for a few days.  So make sure you get your hands on them now before it’s too late

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