4 more POI’s will be hoisted into the air sometime this season

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Fortnite has lifted locations to start the season but more will join.

When rumors of the Biplanes, Choppas, and even aerial creatures you can ride started coming up, you knew that the island wasn’t done dealing with the chrome issue. After all, the island has built several floating structures to preserve and protect several buildings from the chrome.

These floating points of interest or POIs will actually start floating around the map as the season goes on. When that happens, it’ll make traversing them all the harder, as you won’t know where they are or where they’re going. Now, it’s unlikely they’ll be moving during the game, but if they do end up moving during the game, that’ll make things even wilder.

Imagine dueling with other players on the top of Cloud Condos as the structure just floats through the game. The memory and processing power for that to happen though would be huge, I’d imagine. So don’t expect that.

Yet, they will change locations, so that should still be interesting. Though, the ones we have floating currently won’t be the only ones to worry about.

Fortnite will have more floating POIs as the season continues

Coming over the course of the next few weeks, Fortnite will have four more locations adorned with giant balloons, keeping these places afloat and away from the approaching chrome. These locations are the “Large Gas Station” near the southern portion of the map, Sleepy Sound (though I’d imagine it’s just the lighthouse), the Butter Bloom, and finally the best landing spot in the game, Coney Crossroads.

With Butter Bloom and Sleepy Sound being affected by the reality tree, at least the houses on the peninsula of Sleepy Sound, it’ll be interesting to see how both structures are affected once they’re lifted into the air. Will they revert to their original design or keep the new bloom-style look?

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