Fortnite offering new and free Reboot Rally cosmetics for players

Epic Games, cloudy condos
Epic Games, cloudy condos /

Are you looking for some new and free Fortnite cosmetics?

Fortnite is giving players a chance to get some free cosmetics. While Fortnite’s entire economical ecosystem is based on purchasable cosmetics that don’t (well, shouldn’t) impact the game any, that doesn’t mean they don’t occasionally give items away for free.

Any dedicated Fortnite player can build a respectable locker on free cosmetics alone if they put in the time to do so. There’s always something new they can get their hands on, as Fortnite does appreciate its user base and often tries to show give them something great every once in a while for free.

This time is no different with the Reboot Rally event. It’s been underway for over a week now, and players can get their hands on several unique Blaze-themed items. The items are themed after the Molten Raider Outfit (aka Blaze) and players have until Oct. 17, 2022, at 9 AM ET to get the items.

To get the items, players have to finish the Reboot Rally Quests and Bonus Goals to earn the cosmetics. At 50 points, you can get the Barb-B-Q Emoticon. At 100 points, you can get the Freshly Forged Wrap for your weapons and vehicles. At 150 points, you can get the Red Hot Revenge Pickaxe. Lastly, at 200 points, you can get the Fiery Descent Glider.

There is no new outfit in this free pack.

The cosmetics are great but free outfits should be standard as well

While getting new cosmetics is great, the fact is most players who can’t afford to purchase new outfits want free outfits as often as possible. Giving players the same access to free outfits would only help improve player morale and knowing you could get three, four, or even more throughout the year would certainly keep players engaged.

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