Tents getting vaulted was the best thing Fortnite has done in a while

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Fortnite has finally gotten rid of tents.

Fortnite has finally done away with the most rotten item in all of Fortnite, those dang tents. The tents have been around for a long time, and have been an item that has varied in mileage depending on who used them and why.

Fans could put items and weapons into the tent to save for other matches, allowing fans to carry over unique and important stuff from match to match to match, as long as they remembered to put them back before the game ended.

You could also use them to heal, hopping in a tent allowed you to gain back health as you waited, but it wouldn’t affect your shield at all. You’d still have to find shield supplies later on if you were running low.

The best part about the tent, however, was that you could take it with you as you moved about the map. The ability to transport it was part of its biggest selling points. Now, however, the tent is gone and I’m beyond glad.

Losing the tent is addition by subtraction

The tent had its purpose, mostly being able to hop in and heal yourself whenever you needed to. It, however, wasn’t the most practical way to heal yourself. It took a long time and the tent shook, giving away your position. It was also pretty big, so it was very unlikely you could hide it anywhere.

Moreover, allowing you to take weapons and such from match to match is fundamentally against what the Battle Royale concept is all about. You have to find and develop your loadout throughout the game, starting with something that isn’t exactly what the game was originally known for. Sure, you still had to find a tent but once you dod you get get your hands on a mythic weapon.

Lastly, and most importantly, the tents just got in the way. They were everywhere, popped up, and were not being used. It was so annoying to drop into your favorite spots, only to have to navigate half a dozen unused tents just thrown about.

That doesn’t even factor in the bugs that have popped up due to them in recent seasons.

Some fans will miss the tents, and that’s ok, I’m just not counting myself among those numbers.

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