The most surprising things to be vaulted for Chapter 3, Season 4

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Fortnite has decided to fault some things that we never thought would go.

Each season brings new items to vault and new items to enjoy. This is the way of Fortnite and has been for as long as the game has been around. Chapter 3, Season 4 is no different, as the game has vaulted numerous items during the changeover from Season 3 to season 4.

None of that is surprising or unexpected. What is surprising or unexpected is the fact that some of the things that got vaulted were items we didn’t think would be, or at the very least, wouldn’t be any time soon.

That doesn’t mean we like the items or dislike the items on this list. It just means they’ve become staples of the game for so long, they felt like base items for everyone to use at this point. Well, use in the context of one of the items is a bit over-stated but you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Three items we didn’t think would get vaulted

Striker Burst AR

Am I surprised the Striker Bust AR got vaulted? Yes. Am I mad the Striker Burst AR got vaulted? No. The Striker Burst AR is among my least favorite weapons to play against. I never did get the handle of using it myself and it was among the most common gun types to cause me to be eliminated. So I’m glad it’s gone, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t surprised. The gun was wildly popular due to its accuracy, and scope. So to see it gone was a genuine surprise.


Tents are not that old, only first appearing in Chapter 3, Season 1 but even when they were introduced I felt they were an eye sore and just an obstacle to getting around or over. Fortnite really loved these suckers and to see them no longer in the game is shocking.

The Rock Family

Not an item, but just a neat Easter Egg that fans could track every so often. Their journey across the island was neat, but now they’re gone, and we’re all a little sadder because of it.

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