Fortnite revealed a new weapon for Season 4 but it didn’t pop up

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What is the new Fortnite weapon and will it show up?

Fortnite didn’t add a lot of new weapons to the loot pool to start Chapter 3, Season 4, instead just releasing the chrome shotgun and rifle weapons that have gotten mixed reviews. Sure, the ability to raise its damage output by using it more and more is a great concept, but the shotgun version of the chrome weapon sprays laterally, and the rifle version is pretty ineffective until the mythic level.

Fans for a while thought they’d get a new rifle in-game, after all the developers got rid of the Burst AR, and now it seemed like a new scoped rifle would be coming in to replace it. In fact, we saw that weapon debut in SypherPK’s outfit release video.

In the video, we saw a rifle similar to the DMR in concept, albeit with a different body and a different barrel. Fans rightfully thought this would be coming to the game with the launch of Season 4. It didn’t, and fans are confused by the lack of its addition.

What is the new rifle and when can we expect it?

The weapon in the above image is called the DMR Cobra, and will have a 1.6x higher damage rate as opposed to the regular DMR, but will also have a higher recoil, 16 points lower in damage per shot, and a 0.9 second longer reload time to help balance out the weapon.

It’s one of the two new weapons set for the Season 4 campaign, with the Explosive Goo Gun shown in the trailer being the other. Why these weapons didn’t launch with the start of the season is beyond us, but it’s more than likely going to be here with the upcoming new update.

If it comes at all, as Fortnite has a history of promising new things and not delivering.

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