3 things we’re glad that got vaulted for Chapter 3, Season 4

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Fortnite has vaulted several items and these are the items we’re happy to see go.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 is here and with it came the change to the loot pool. Numerous weapons and items got shelved, or vaulted as the kids say, in favor of new items and weapons. This is a general practice that helps freshen up the game.

We’re happy that the game does this, truthfully, especially when new or beloved old items come back to the game. That doesn’t mean that everything we lost is something we’re glad to see. This time, however, that’s exactly what this is. This is our list of things we’re glad are gone.

You can see the complete list of everything that’s gone from the Fortnite island, as well as our list of things we’re most surprised about that got vaulted in other articles. For reference, these aren’t the only three things we’re glad to be done with, these are just three of them and ones not mentioned elsewhere.

Three items we’re glad Fortnite vaulted

Darth Vader

Fighting Darth Vader was like being the sole survivor on one of those classic Survivor Series matchups. Sure, you could come back from a huge 3-1 disadvantage but why would you want to? Fighting Vader meant fighting the Stormtroopers as well, not to mention the players that came looking for loot and glory. His force-pull maneuver was the deal breaker, as it made it impossible to really get away from him should you happen to accidentally cross his path in the middle of a fight.


I’m told Ballers used to be awesome, back before they had an energy meter and were only found in one location, making them largely useless due to the fact the location was terrible and people hated landing there. If you’re going to make us hate something that was originally so fun, why even bring them in?

Charge SMG

The Charge SMG was just terrible. Charge weapons in general are terrible. Never bring these back.

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