Fortnite is seeing structures rise into the air all over the Fortnite map

Epic Games, cloudy condos
Epic Games, cloudy condos /

Fortnite has lifted many of its structures into the air for the new season.

Fortnite has brought many new things to the island with the change over from Chapter 3, Season 3, to Chapter 3, Season 4. One of the new things that have taken over the game is the new Chrome. The Chrome is a metallic compound that allows players to not only turn into a blob that can move incredibly fast but can also allow players to walk through walls.

You can either be the chrome goo and dart through any wall you want or coat the wall in the chrome and walk through it without being all covered.

The chrome is somehow tied to the Reality Tree and is tied directly to the villain The Herald, who used the Chrome to take over the Seven’s Sanctuary. The liquid is apparently spreading across the island and to combat being infected by it, many towns are raising portions of their structures into the air.

So far, Cando Canyon is the most notable and it’s being dubbed Cloudy Condos, and there are new “D-Launchers” around the map to help you get to the newly elevated structures.

Rising the platforms is a great idea, but they could be higher.

The raising of various buildings on the Fortnite island is a great idea, but the game should have risen them even higher than they already were. Adding height to the game would allow there to be more space to explore and fight, while also making the edges of the buildings something to always stay away from.

Considering that you can now punt players if you slide into them, making the raised portions of the island so high that knocking a player off would eliminate them is absolutely the way to go. Not to mention, it’d be pretty cool to be up in the clouds for a little bit each game.

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