Watch: Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Cinematic Trailer

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Fortnite’s newest season is here and now you can watch how it all starts.

Fortnite’s newest season is here and players are going to be feeling the chrome for a long-time to come. Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 ended on a whimper, and the most disappointing season in a long time has finally come to a close and did so without a live event.

In fact, the storyline for the start of Season 4 is fairly incomplete. The video opens up with the remaining members of The Seven discussing the Chrome goo that is taking over the island. That’s when the goo breaks containment and starts covering everyone in The Seven’s hideout.

This is then the moment where Brie Larson is revealed as The Paradigm. As the goo surrounds her she busts out of the bunker with her rock pack and flies right into a goo chrome tornado. It sends her all the way to the zero point, where in a very MCU-inspired moment, her HUD screen tells her about the zero point.

She finds out that it’s on an alternate reality and decides to swim into it, taking her off the map just as the new villain’s lair ascends from beneath the Sevens’ old fortress.

What we know about the storyline that wasn’t shown in the trailer

We don’t know the full details yet of the storyline, and we may not know the exact details until some outfits like Top5Gaming do a deep dive but what we do know is that whatever happened, happened with the Reality Tree.

The goo chrome came from somewhere and it’s likely it came from underneath the island, due to the Chrome Tornado. We also know that the chrome may have come from the Reality Tree. if you were to visit the Reality Tree in the game, you’d see that it’s basically a dead husk. A lot of what it was is missing.

The top is gone, the branches, whatever ones are still there, are dead and the entire area is different from what it was. It’s very likely that the Reality Tree’s roots may have been pumping the chrome throughout the island, only for it to burst out to start the new season.

Though this is merely speculation.

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