New items coming to the Fortnite map according to leakers

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In less than 12 hours, Fortnite will change over its season.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 is just about done, and in its place will be Chapter 3, Season 4. It won’t just be a season change for the sake of change, nope. There will be massive improvements and additions to the game when the change happens. New items, characters, and parts of the map will be overhauled.

As for the map, it won’t just be cosmetic changes coming either. Fans should expect some severe upgrades to the map, as well as numerous new changes that will surely improve the gameplay. Not only will improvements be added to the game, but the new concept of the liquid chrome will be added as well.

We know the chrome has a large impact in the storyline, as its alluded to that some, if not all, of The Seven, are stuck in it, but it appears as though the liquid chrome will in fact be added to the game in a far more practical sense.

What new additions to the map do we know are coming?

In a leak by Twitter user HYPEX, we know at least two things that the new map will include, and a potential third. Of the two near-guarantees, let’s start with the obvious one. The chrome we’ve seen in advertising will in fact cover the parts of the island. More than likely the chrome will make it impossible to chop down whatever it covers, which will make harvesting all that much harder.

The second thing we can see in this leak are balloons that players can apparently get into and potentially change elevations with. This may be a way to traverse over pools of Chrome that haven’t solidified. It may also be a new take on the blimps we got in Chapter 3, Season 2.

Lastly, it looks like a new Jonesy point of interest has been added, or the Jonesy POI has been removed completely.

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