New art for Fortnite seems to hint at the future of several items

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New Fortnite art seems to suggest the fate and future of several items.

Chapter 3, Season 4 can’t get here fast enough for Fortnite fans. Many in the community are beyond burned out with the latest season of the game, largely due to the fact that it just never truly delivered on the epic promises that it made for the summer of Vibin.

With the fourth season of chapter three set to debut in a matter of days, Sep. 18, 2022, Fortnite fans are hoping that the developers at Epic Games nails this. After losing 13 million fans from the start of June until now, Fortnite can’t afford to crew this up.

So when new promotional art leaked thanks to HYPEX on Twitter, fans got a good idea of what may be coming to the game next season.

What does the promotional image tease for Chapter 3, Season 4?

ATKs are apparently back

Fans of Fortnite may be excited to hear that the ATKs are coming back to the game, at least if the image above is any indication. ATK stands for All Terrain Karts and their arrival on the island may just make the new season a lot more fun than previous seasons. Fortnite is without an all-terrain vehicle in the game unless you use the tire modifiers, and that doesn’t really give you great control over the vehicle.

Shockwave Grenades

I may be wrong but one of the characters in the promotional artwork seems to be holding a Shockwave Grenade, which seems to suggest the throwable will be coming back for the next season. This is great news for fans, as it’s not only a great way to get enemies away from you, but if you use it right, you can really traverse the map pretty quickly.

Some Sort of Rocket Launcher

If you’re a fan of blowing things up, apparently fans will be getting their hands on a new projectile launcher. This will truly make the game a bit more mad and that’s a wonderful thing.

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