3 new vehicle types we want to see in Fortnite next season

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Fortnite promised us so much in Chapter 3, Season 3, and failed. It’s time to make things right.

I’ll stop harping on Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 3 finally after it’s long been dead in the ground and Fortnite itself makes it up to us. One of the ways that they can do that is to really ramp up the more unique vehicle offerings for Chapter 3, Season 4. We have rumors that the long-awaited motorbike will finally make its appearance, as well as the new skating mechanics finally joining the game.

That’s a great start but it’s only the start. Fortnite has to up the ante when it comes to the zany and kooky aspects of the game. We want cow launchers and pogo stick bombs and stupid things that make no sense in the real world. And if we can’t have that, can we have some absurd modes of transportation?

By getting a bit out there with new modes of transportation, especially transportation geared to the action sports genre, fans could have a lot more fun moving around the map than they already do. So here are three suggestions for new modes of transportation on top of what we already are expecting.

Three new ways to get around the map we want to see get added


Fortnite is promising skating to be added to the game but that could mean anything. We’re taking it to mean roller skating, and if that’s the case, we hope they include skateboards as well. Not just boards, however, or skates, but the ability to do tricks with each. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Jet Skis

The boats are fine, but a faster and more-controllable aquatic vehicle would be appreciated. The jet skis could be faster, with better handling but offer no offensive firepower and that would be the tradeoff.


This is just for the gag of watching Peely try to peddle away during a fight. It needs to be slow and hilariously small.

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