Watch: Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass Trailer

Epic Games, battle pass
Epic Games, battle pass /

Fortnite reveals the Battle Pass in a new trailer.

The Fortnite trailer was released first, showing the storyline update to the new season but not long after the Battle Pass trailer went live. It doesn’t expand on the storyline, but it does introduce characters to the game.

First, we see Spider-Gwen surveying the dead Reality Tree. Later in the trailer, we see Spider-Gwen doing backflips off the steel girder bridge near the Zero Point.

After Spider-Gwen, we get The Paradigm sans helmet. Rumors have long stated that Brie Larson would be suiting up as the character and we now can see her in all of her glory atop the home of the new villain, The Herald.

Speaking of The Herald we get a shot of the new villain sitting aboard their throne. Moreover, The Herald will be available later in the season. Then we see Lennox Rose, or to be more specific her back. She then pops up again covered in chrome, with bullets bouncing around her.

We see the new chrome-based character, named Bytes. Not much is known about him as of yet. We then see Twyn, who comes with a new visor that can be applied to the character model.

Who are the final two characters to be seen in the Battle Pass trailer

After we get the first introductions of the previous characters, we get the new Meowsucles character, dubbed Meow Skulls. The emo-designed character can be seen shredding his guitar in front of the chrome tornado that popped up on the eastern portion of the island.

The last new character, Grriz, doesn’t get their own moment in the trailer, and instead, we see them walking approaching The Herald with The Paradigm, Spider-Gwen, and a-chromed-Bytes. The battle pass trailer also shows the new floating portions of the map that have been elevated due to the chrome that’s taking over.

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