3 animals we want to see join Fortnite for Chapter 3, Season 4

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Fortnite is doing big things for Chapter 3, Season 4 (we hope) so here are a few more animals we want in Fornite.

Fortnite has always had some sort of wildlife for as long as I can remember. Birds, raptors, wolves, there’s been so many but they don’t always stick around. Just ask Klombo. Yet, with the advent of riding the animals more and more people are hoping to up the ante with the type of animals offered.

Fans are hoping that wolves and boars get either replaced or no longer remain the only options on the island. Now, an animal like a horse makes sense, because, duh. Yet, we’re a fan of the nonsense, so we’re not picking any animal that would make sense to ride.

Nor are we just looking at animals to ride. We’re also going to look at animals who are giant pains in the but like the wolves and boars can be.

Three animals we hope pop up in Fortnite next season


Not only would alligators be hilarious to ride, and should be much slower than just running places, but they would make for a great animal to have to contend with when near water.


When they’re not sinking cruise liners, llamas are among the silliest-looking animals ever. Just, uh, don’t let them near your kids if you see one on a cruise. Seeing these fluffy little dinguses would be hilarious, especially if they hop around the island like the stuffed llama pinatas. Considering how long the pinata llamas have been in the game, it would seem like a logical step to bring actual llamas in.


So, imagine riding through a building like the Kool-Aid man, shouting “OH YEAH!” as you go. That dream you never knew you had until right now could happen very easily with the introduction of elephants. If you bring elephants into the game and make them ridable, then you’d have a sprinting wrecking ball at your disposal. If not elephants, hopefully, Klombo could be ridable.

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