Fortnite should make sneaking and covert attacks more beneficial

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Fortnite really should steer into the Shadow of the Phantasm Week concept

One of the best parts of playing a game is finding all the ways you can achieve this concept. This is something that was on full display in a game like The Last of Us. Sure, it’s a great story but the core concept was that it gave you an objective and a boundless amount of ways to achieve it.

More games need to take that into consideration and find ways to let players play the game their way. Now, Fortnite does do this to some degree. Yet, it isn’t nearly as in-depth as other games, nor is it as in-depth as it could be considering all of the things that make the game so unique.

With the debut of the Shadow of the Phantasm Week, we got silenced weapons, Shield Bubbles, and Shadow Bombs that turn you invisible. The entire concept is that you can sneak around and do damage to your opponents. That makes sense, but it’s also a half-measure.

The game should really embrace the concepts of things like stealth as a viable tactic to win games.

Fortnite should let players be far more stealthy in a more permanent fashion

Allowing players to silence any weapon so they don’t appear as a blip on the compass, allowing Shadow Grenades to last longer (but not allowing players to attack at the same time), and using things like melee weapons that could deliver increased damage via a surprise attack are all minor ways the game can incorporate more stealth elements without breaking the game.

A lot of Fortnite is either about building in the traditional Battle Royale game or about who has the best weapon in Zero Build. Being able to diversify the types of gameplay, not just with stealth, would really help make a player stand out more.

While the ability to customize ones loadouts are always a big selling point of the game, the fact that the game doesn’t always keep the type of items needed to play the game in the way you’d want to really holds the game back in allowing players to develop their own style of gameplay.

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