Has Chapter 3, Season 3 of Fortnite cost Epic Games some of its fans?

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Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3 has been anything but successful prior to the Dragon Ball crossover.

We can officially say that Fortnite fans have hated Chapter 3, Season 3. What started off with such a cool concept, with the summer theme of “Vibin”, has been anything but a party with Fortnite. Huge changes came to the game, mostly stemming from the locations on the map. The reality tree became a thing and fans have not gravitated towards that at all.

Let’s not even talk about No Sweat Summer. More like No Fun Summer. It was a flop of a concept and the folks at Epic Games had the audacity to release it incomplete, and then went on vacation. Talk about a real “screw you” to the fans.

The fans have spoken, and they’re not having it. Since the start of the season of Vibin, Fortnite has lost nearly 16.4 million players. The biggest hit came in July when, according to ActivePlayer.io, the game lost 9.4 million users.

The numbers were getting there for August, but the release of the Dragon Ball crossover has stymied the flow of departing players, with Fortnite only losing about 2.4 million users. The numbers were trending much deeper prior to the Dragon Ball launch.

Fortnite has to hit it out of the park with Season 3, Chapter 4

It’s not all doom and gloom. While the game isn’t at its pandemic high of 276 million users, it’s not far off, with nearly 256 million users still playing. At one point the game had nearly dropped to 210 million in November of 2020, losing 54.5 million players in one month alone.

We’re far from that territory at the moment. Yet, the folks at Epic Games can’t keep messing with fans if they want to stay above the 200 million mark. The game has to do better with their events because No Sweat Summer nearly made me quit playing.

And I make money writing about this game. So that should tell you just how bad the event was. Get it together, Epic, Fortnite can’t take hits like this past summer too often.

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