Fortnite releasing a Zero Build horde rush LTM is confusing

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Fortnite to introduce Zero Build horde rush mode.

Fortnite continues its perplexing summer by introducing a mode hardly anyone was asking for. The brain trust over at Epic Games has decided that they know what fans will really want this summer. Is it a new game mode that features brand new mechanics? Nope.

Is it a franchise-altering idea like first-person? Nope. Is it our dog darn skateboards?! NOPE. It’s a Zero Build Horde Rush limited-time mode. Yay.

Let us all rejoice in our new Epic overlords. What an idea. Let’s make a concept no one was asking for and push it out as if it’s a huge get for fans, despite this entire season being a huge, flopping, disappointment.  The leak was broken by iFireMonkey, and the concept will remain largely the same; you fight Fortnite’s versions of zombies and monsters with a group of players. That’s it. It’s never really been a build-focused game mode but here you go.

Fortnite should be focusing on more dynamic ideas to keep players

With everything that has gone wrong this season, you’d think the last thing anyone would want is more mundane additions to the Fortnite library. With so many creative islands being developed by fans, one would have to wonder why they’d fall back on such a limiting concept.

The Dragon Ball island concept is a huge hit. It allows players to explore a Dragon Ball-themed island layout, which gives players the impression they’re actually in the Dragon Ball universe.

Do more of that Epic. I write all the time about how Epic has the opportunity to redevelop Save the World and give it more content, or create a single-player campaign on the island that’s story base, and isn’t dependent on the internet.

Yet, here we go. More dreck most fans will never play.

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