Fortnite officially announces Dragon Ball crossover date

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Dragon, Dragon! Rock the Dragon! Dragon Ball Z!

Ok, so it’s not Dragon Ball Z specifically but layoff. The fine folks at Fortnite have finally revealed when and where you can get the Dragon Ball characters coming to the game. The when is Aug. 16 2022, and the where is…well it’s Fortnite, duh.

The outfits haven’t been confirmed yet but Goku and Vegeta are expected, mostly due to their significance in the Dragon Ball franchise. Goku has been the featured character the entire series, and Vegeta debuted in the second series, arguably the most popular franchise, Dragon Ball Z.

The other two characters are expected to be Bulma, who made her debut alongside Goku in the original Dragon Ball series, as well as Breeus, who came in during the Battle of the Gods era of Dragon Ball.

Will the Fortnite crew be able to make a wish on some Dragon Balls?

It’s been mentioned on the interwebs by some fans that this feels like a season-ending crossover and you know what? That sounds about right. The franchise is known for it’s bombastic endings and with the giant dragon Shenron being featured heavily in the promotional images for the upcoming crossover, some type of season-ending event seems likely.

After all, they’ve done this before with Galactus, so it’s entirely possible that they use a crossover character as the catalyst for the season-ending event.

Keep in mind that the third season of Chapter 3 ends in September, roughly two-ish weeks from now. The timing of the crossover, happening just before the season ends, can’t be a coincidence. If we know anything about Fortnite right now we know the game doesn’t do coincidences. There’s always a reason for things.

Especially when it comes to crossovers. It’s very likely that we get information on the Reality Tree, the weird purple watcher character, and that it all ties around to Shenron of Dragon Ball.

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