Fortnite fans can now get the FNCS C3S3 set in the store

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Fortnite is bringing in some new items to get your hands on.

It’s fun to collect. Be it video games, comic books, loose shoe laces you find randomly on the street that is damp and moist…Ok, don’t collect the last thing, you don’t know where they’ve been but the rest and many other items make for great collections to invest time into.

One of the things that’s great about Fortnite is the ability to collect rare items. Now, they make it a bit easier by offering these items for purchase, and not limiting the number of bundles that are available, but hey, that’s ok.

So if you’re looking to collect some neat and rare items, Fortnite has a new cosmetics set called the FNCS C3S3 set.

The set also called the Fortnite Championship Series, Chapter 3, Season 3 set, includes three items total. They are the ‘Bow Blades Pickaxe, Ultrabrite Elim Counter Back Bling, and the Show Them Who We Are Music Pack. The set all together costs 1,100 V-Bucks.

Is the FNCS set worth the money?

For the V-Bucks required, it’s hard to say the FNCS C3S3 set is worth the 1,100 V-Bucks. Each item comes individually, with the ‘Bow Blades Pickaxe costing 500 V-Bucks, the Ultrabite Elim Counter Back Bling costing 400 V-Bucks, and the Show Them Who We Are Music Pack costing 200 V-Bucks.

The items are interesting enough, especially the ‘Bow Blades Pickaxe, and they seem to be items that can go with a lot of other costumes and items, so if you want to mix and match you can. What should be noted, however, is that there’s an item missing; the Champion’s Honor Back Bling.

That’s why there’s only an individual set and not a complete bundle to purchase, one of the items isn’t there.

If you like the items, don’t wait, they won’t be in the store for long and due to their specific branding for 2022, they won’t ever return.

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