Alien space ships are back in Fortnite but they won’t be for long

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You don’t have long but the Saucers are back in Fortnite!

There was a time when Fortnite was so bonkers it felt like a fever dream. That time was about a year ago. Fortnite went all pulpy for a time, bringing in aliens, monsters, and then they got super serious with inter-dimensional beings.

When the monsters came in, they brought in Resident Evil to battle them. When they brought the inter-dimensional beings, they brought in The Rock to battle them. When they brought in the aliens, where was Cryptosporidium-136? Nowhere, that’s where.

Though they did bring in space ships, specifically ones that looked and acted just like his ship from the original Destroy All Humans game. They were whacky and fun, allowing you to pick up players, cars, boulders, and the like. Well, those whacky, flying Saucers are back in Fortnite but only for a limited time.

Where can you find the Flying Saucers before they disappear again?

The flying saucers will be in Fortnite into Monday, August 15, so you only have a little more than a day left to play them. So you really can’t wait around looking for where they are. So don’t worry, if you want to start abducting players, we got your hookup.

First, you can find them northwest of Sleepy Sound. If you prefer the more northern part of the map, they’re just south of Logjam Lotus. Want to drop in near The Daily Bugle? Well, you’ll find one there too. They’re also near the Greasy Grove, just to the northeast in fact. Then there’s one just south of the Jones and if you’re a southern, desert fan, there’s one just north of Chonkers Speedway.

If you’re a new player, be sure you get used to the controls, as they’re a bit cumbersome. They can’t be repaired which I’m aware of, but they do have three “lives” that will see the saucer repair itself. The third time, however, is the last time. So you better have something you can bail onto.

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