Belle Berry is officially out for Fortnite fans and the puns are real

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Fortnite has brought in Belle Berry for fans to get their hands on.

Fortnite fans like crossover costumes enough, but what many fans are wanting are more original outfits that they can get their hands on. It’s one of the best parts of being a fan, coming across a new original outfit, or one you may have missed out on the first time through and getting to add it to your collection. However, one of the more desired original costumes that fans have wanted to get their hands on is Belle Berry.

Belle Berry has been a long sought-after costume design for some time, and many thought she’d be out much sooner than now but on Aug. 12 she was officially released for players to get their hands on.

She comes with a Maceberry Mauler Pickaxe, the Berry Sweet Wrap, and the Bro-Senberry Back Bling, while also featuring a second alternate outfit that changes her attire from pink to black with purple trim.

Better hurry up and get her before it’s too late.

Fortnite avoids ruining Belle Berry like they did Xander

Fortnite releasing Belle Berry isn’t the first time in this summer that a long-awaited costume was finally released. They did this earlier with Xander, a long sought-after costume that many thought would be available for purchase just like Belle Berry.

The problem with that was that Xander didn’t hit the market. No, instead they used his outfit for the lackluster and poorly received Refer-a-Friend gimmick. The idea hasn’t worked out as many had hoped for and despite the fact that they’re clearly using him to try to goose their subscriber base, most fans are seemingly ok with passing on the character than investing time to try and flip friends into fans.

Thankfully they avoided doing this with the Belle Berry costume.

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