The best way to use the Charge SMG in Battle Royale

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Every fan in Fortnite right now is trying to figure out the best way to use the Charge SMG.

I’ll be the first to admit that while aesthetically the third season of Fortnite Chapter 3 has been amazing. The Vibin gimmick and the No Sweat Summer event have all looked great. Yet, they’ve massively failed after the wildly fun second season of the game’s third chapter. Yet there’s been a lot of misfires this season. For instance, the lack of good weapons.

Fans were spoiled over the last three seasons, as the weapon types were out of this world, especially with Chapter 3, Season 2. Yet, everything is toned down this season and that includes the season’s best weapons. Some of them are dope, like the DMR rifle. Yet, that’s about where it stops.

One of the newer weapons introduced this season is the Charge SMG. A weapon that doesn’t rely on holding down the trigger, but merely just charges up the amount of the clip you want to fire and let go. Then the gun does the rest. Yet, it’s pretty ineffective. That doesn’t make it useless, it’s just not a weapon in the conventional sense.

How to make the most out of the Charge SMG

The first thing you should do when you drop into a build-mode version of Battle Royale is to consider the Charge SMG a tool. The first thing you should do in the Zero Build Battle Royale game mode is forget the Charge SMG exists.

The weapon is not a weapon in a conventional sense. It’s not something that is conducive for a firefight but it can rip through walls of structures that a player is trying to hide behind. That’s obviously the best use of the weapon.

Yet, should you find yourself in need and it’s the only weapon you have, there is a value for it. If you’re a capable stealth player, you can charge up a full clip, position yourself behind a player, and unleash everything you got.

It’s a guarantee elimination if done right. Due to the high rate of fire, players won’t be able to respond in time and you’ll achieve an easy elimination. So if you use the weapon as the ultimate sneaking move, you may just make the most out of the Charge SMG.

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