Watch: Top5Gaming’s “16 Things CHANGED In Fortnite (2022 vs 2012)”

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Fortnite has changed a lot since the game was first created

Fortnite sure has changed a lot over the last year, hasn’t it? Since the end of the 2021 summer event, we advanced the plot of the game significantly, saw the fall of the Imagined Order in the current story, witnessed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets revealed as the leader of The Seven and added a whole host of new mechanics for players.

There was a time when players could only just run across the map. They couldn’t drive cars, they couldn’t ride animals, and they couldn’t even swim. Now, not only can they swim, but in the last few months alone the game has added sprinting, parkour, sliding, bursting through doors, the ability to ride animals and so much more.

The game has radically changed from where it was just a few months ago. Now, imagine what the game looked like when it was in its Alpha Build. Times have changed, and that’s the focus of Top5Gaming’s latest video, looking at how much the game has changed.

I’m not nostalgic for the old times

I didn’t play the game when it first came out, or when it gained traction for the first time around 2017. So I don’t have any nostalgia for the game as it was. I will say that I like a lot of the new, modern changes, especially the Zero Build mode, as it takes a lot of skill spamming out of the game.

No longer do you have to worry about someone spending 10 hours a day practicing how to build faster than anyone could conceivably do so because now we have Zero Build. Not only that, but the game is far more polished than it was back then. That polished gameplay works and helps make the experience more fun.

I think the game is better than it’s ever been, I just wish the single-player mode was better.

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