The long awaited Xander outfit is can be had but it is insanely hard to get

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Fortnite has made getting the Xander outfit unnecessarily hard.

When video games do things like we’re about to talk about, it’s ok to be mad. Making needless changes to things is a great way to upset your reader base (right Facebook?). So when we found out that Fortnite would be using Xander, a long-awaited and highly touted outfit, to promote their silly Refer A Friend event, well, we weren’t happy.

Since it was leaked in February of 2021, well over 18 months ago, the Xander outfit has long been talked about and desired. It could be why they held on to it for as long as they and only released it when they did.

Fans can earn the Xander outfit and four other free cosmetics through the upcoming event, by recruiting other players to Fortnite. All you have to do is find some friends who 1) play video games, 2) want to play Fortnite, and 3) haven’t played Fortnite yet, and have them register at

Each person you refer becomes a referee, not just a sports job title, and alongside your new “referee”, you’ll both have the option of earning some new content all by playing the game.

Just by creating a “connection” (referring the friend), you’ll get the Double Draw Spray. If you play one game with the referee (referred friend), you’ll get the Immortal Oasis Wrap. If you place Top 10 a total of six times with your buddy in various team modes, you’ll get the Oasis Wind back bling. If you and your buddy eliminate 45 opponents, you’ll get the Blades of the Desert Moon pickaxe.

Finally, to get Xander, all you have to do is gain 60 levels on your own, and wait for your referee to hit level 60 as well. To say this was a dumb idea would be obvious. You can begin registering your friends now, as this phase will continue until Jan. 10, 2023. That’s when the challenges begin.

This is worse than locking Xander behind a pay-wall

I’d honestly rather just pay for Xander. The number of players that have already started on Fortnite is extensive and there’s not exactly a large swath of players waiting to get their hands on the game anymore. It’s a pretty saturated market, hence the gimmick in referring friends for free cosmetics.

Not only are players going to have a hard time getting their buddies to play the game long enough for you to get Xander, but they’ll also have to go through the same process to get Xander as well. Not only are the hoops players having to jump through stupid, but the time span players have to wait to even begin is even worse.

This is going to backfire so hard.

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