The Anime Legends Pack re-imagines some of the more iconic Fortnite characters

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Fortnite is giving some of its classic characters an anime makeover.

Fortnite is going to the land of the rising sun for a brand new makeover of some of their more iconic characters. Coming on October 22, fans can get the Anime Legends pack in physical or download version. For those curious why this is getting a physical release, I’m not sure, but do not purchase it expecting to also get the game. This may just be their version of an expansion pack.

The new Anime Legends release features three new takes on classic characters, Rox, Penny, and Midas are all being redesigned into new anime forms. These new forms are called Ricochet Rox, Ready Penny, and Golden Gear Midas. The three characters also come with three pickaxes and back blings. Rox’s Whirlberry back bling, Penny’s little Black back bling, and Midas’ Golden Crash back bling can all be used and interchanged with all of the characters in your locker.

You’ll also get the Blazeberry Blade pickaxe, the Glimmering Edge pickaxe and the 24 Karat Katana pickaxe as well. As with the back blings, the pickaxes can be used by anyone. Fans will also get the Lil’ Kart Emote as well.

Fortnite should do more reimaginings

The idea of re-doing characters in a different style isn’t new by any means but seeing it used to such effect is pretty awesome. At a time when Fortnite is leaning hard on the crossover stuff, finding new ways to promote your own cosmetics that you retain 100% of the rights to is the way to go.

These crossovers are not easy to do with brands like Marvel and are far from cheap. So finding new ways to goose your own IPs is always the more fiscally responsible idea.

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