Fortnite’s The Block 2.0 has revealed its finalists for Tilted Towers

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Fans of Fortnite can finally now decide the future of Tilted Towers.

Tilted Towers is having a rough existence. They were completely destroyed in the early years of the game, being literally wiped off the map, but that’s not the worst of it. It was brought back, dethawed actually, with Chapter 3.

Yippie, it’s back, but then a war broke out. Well, a fictitious war and the Imagined Order leveled Tilted Towers again, sending up home-owner insurance to an all-time high I’m sure. Yet, Fortnite persisted and rebuilt the little community.

Yet, they left some spaces blank. This would be where The Block 2.0 would come in. The Block was an original idea giving players a chance to build their own portion of the Fortnite map, and it was…well, it had its issues. They brought it back, however, and this time, with much more oversight, allowed fans to submit new ideas for what the new building for Tilted Towers would be.

What buildings can you vote on?

There will be three buildings that Fortnite fans can vote on. The Restaurant, The Apartments, and the Shops. Each building has three options and fans can vote for them. You do this by spending your gold bar at voting stations in the game like you’ve done before for various items.

The voting will be in three parts, and it’s already underway. The voting for the Restaurant is underway and you can vote for it until July 27, at 3 PM ET. Voting for The Apartments will begin on July 27, at 3 PM ET and go to August 3, ending at 1 AM ET. Lastly is the Shops, starting on August 3 at 1 AM and ending on August 9 at 9 AM ET.

The finalists for “The Restaurant” are Benmac (The Block 2.0 Ben’s Restaurant  5043-6143-9582), Ninjah_dj (Modelo De Restaurante Do Bairro 2.0 1932-4990-0032) and Xdark (The Block 2.0 Template Restaurant 3538-4323-0965).

The finalists for “The Apartments” are Ashurrii (Ashrrii’s The Block 2.0 Apartments 6081-7966-2506), Charlee-brown (The Block 2.0 Template Apartments 1434-9352-4208), and Destructo (Destructorama’s Block 2.0 Apartment  2865-2667-0486).

Lastly is “The Shops”, who will see 0ricent (The Block 2.0 – The M Building  6614-7150-2309), Justafrog  (The Block 2.0 Template Shops 1997-0531-3795), and Mrstruelegend (Cassie’s Car & Coffee Shop  0740-3787-7849) compete.

For more information, go to Fortnite’s website and see the designs for yourself before voting.

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