Alien saucers are coming back to Fortnite for a limited time

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Fans are about to get weird with the return of spaceships.

Remember when Fortnite used to roll out new vehicles like golf carts and grocery store carts? That’s all they had. Cars were nothing but props for the game. Something to be looked at but not driven. That all changed, however, when Chapter 2 rolled around. Think about that, it’s only been a little bit more than two years since fans were able to drive cars.

The alpha launched around 2011, for context.

Since then fans have gotten to see the game get absolutely nuts. Carts were replaced by cars, helicopters, boats, planes, semi trucks, and more were added over time. Eventually, fans were able to pilot mechs both in the game and lastly with the most recent Chapter 3, Season 2 live event.

Yet, one of the more bizarre things players got to drive recently were spaceships. They were a bit part of the game last year. If you missed out on them, don’t worry they’re coming back sooner rather than later.

While the details aren’t known just yet, this seems like something they may add for Halloween, and Chapter 4.

Fortnite should find new vehicles that are just as bonkers as the spaceship

When I think of Fortnite, I think of zany, wacky, and crazy things. I think of guns that shoot animals, giant inflatable tires that can topple a statue, and of course, being able to pilot a spaceship that aliens landed in.

I don’t play Fortnite looking for realism, I play it for the wild, over-the-top, bonkers ideas that the developers come up with for this game. The closer it gets to a 1950s science fiction, B-horror movie the better.

I want camp. I want nonsense. I want stupidity. More dumb things like spaceships, please.

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