Fortnite releases Week 6 Quests list for Chapter 3, Season 3

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Fortnite has released the Week 6 Quests for the current Chapter.

Fortnite is in the midst of Chapter 3, Season 3, and all season long fans are Vibin with the new theme of the game. The summer season has brought sun and fun for players and now those interested can once again get back to checking off items on their Quest list for the newest week.

The Week 6 Quests have been formally announced, and players who are interested in getting in on those sweet, sweet XP runs can now do so.

Here’s this week’s set of Quests via Fortnite News;

"Break open Reality Seed pods (3)Land headshots from 40 or more meters with the Hammer Assault Rifle (5)Purchase an Exotic weapon from a character (1)Use a Baller, Zipline and Gyser in a single match (3)Use the Grappler Glove to catch a Zipline while airborne (1)Pick a Legendary or Mythic fruit from a Reality Sapling (1)Deal damage to opponents with Rare or better Assault Rifles (1000)"

If you complete each Quest, you’ll get a total of 234,000 XP, which breaks down to 15,000 XP per completed quest. If you go for the bonus, that’ll nab you the other 129,000 XP.

What are the three hardest Quests for this week?

Landing Headshots

Landing headshots is generally hard on its own, even with rifles. People don’t stand still like it’s a Call of Duty cutscene. Many players are constantly in motion and for good reason; to avoid being head-shotted. So getting five, from 40 meters or more, is not as easy as you’d think.

The trio of items in a single match

Using a Baller, zipline, and geyser in a single match doesn’t sound hard at all until you realize that you’ll have to dedicate the match to doing all three. They’re not exactly easy to get to in one round usually, and if you’re trying to play, and not dedicating the time to finishing quests, this one is really hard to do. So you’ll have to waste a match to finish this one more than likely.

Deal damage with Rare or better Assault Rifles

Not so much the dealing damage aspect but finding a rare or better assault rifle is where the challenge is in this one.

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