What are Port-A-Fort’s and how will they be used in Fortnite?

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Fortnite brought in Port-A-Fort’s into the game but what are they and how can they be used?

Fortnite brought in an update last week that added a bunch of new stuff into the game. New weapons, new items, and new cosmetics were either added to the game to use or added to the files to eventually be released. One item that was brought into Fortnite was the Port-A-Fort, a classic gem brought back into the new Chapter.

Chapter 3 has been all about the new. New maps, new mechanics, new everything. They also brought in some older stuff. Things like Tilted Towers returned to the map in Chapter 3. Not only that but the Port-A-Fort is a classic from the old days of Fortnite and has been brought back into not only the standard version of the game but the Zero Build version as well.

This has caused some controversy, as the item produces a portable steel structure with tires inside so you can jump to the top of the structure. As Zero Build is all about combat and not building, this has of course caused some waves.

How is Fortnite’s Port-A-Fort used in-game?

The item does what the name suggests, it produces a fort that you can move and place as you see fit. However, once it’s been deployed it can’t be re-packaged, so if you’re intending on using it for your final stand in a Zero Build mode, make sure you’re down to just one or two other players and somewhere near the center of the storm.

As far as its practical use, it’s far more likely to be an item used to help get you away from players. The ability to use tires to get to the top of the fort should allow you to get some distance from pursuers or even animals.

It’s not the best item you could’ve gotten but if you know what you’re doing, then you’ll get some use out of it.

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