The leaked locker archive feature should make a huge difference for some

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Fortnite is bringing in a new locker archive feature that should help out some players.

Fortnite has been selling cosmetics since the game started in earnest. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different costumes one can have access to depending on when they started playing. While I doubt any one player has all the outfits, as that would have been thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cosmetics over the years, many players probably have 20+ outfits.

Some may even have over 100. That’s why this newest leak is such an interesting addition to the game. We’ve talked before about how Chapter 3 has released all sorts of new mechanics, items, and ways to play the game, and this is just another addition that fans will be able to use that is new to Chapter 3.

According to GMatrixGames and other data miners, the game will bring in the ability to essentially vault your own outfits that you’re no longer interested in using. If you use something like the randomizer like I do, this may be a useful tool, as you’ll be able to essentially “mute” the outfits you don’t want to use anymore.

You’ll still retain possession of them if you think you may want to revisit them again in the future, but you won’t have to deal with using them if you don’t want to, and in the process, clear up your active locker so you’re not scrolling for a long time looking for specific items.

The locker archive feature will help some but not many players

When it comes to people who will need such a mechanic, I wonder just how much of a pressing need this is. Most players I see waiting for a match to start are in the free-to-use cosmetics, and not anything from the store.

I really don’t think many players have such a huge locker that they can’t find items. I think this is mostly for the more obsessive players and Fortnite Pro streamers who are likely to have way more outfits than the casual fan.

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