Fortnite fans not happy with Stormbreaker being exclusive to Thor

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You can’t make everyone happy, least of all Fortnite fans.

Fortnite brought in the Thor: Love and Thunder characters for the upcoming season, making Thor and Jane Foster two of the more expected and wanted characters of the summer. They came with the Stormbreaker ax and the Mljnor hammer.

Yet, fans aren’t exactly over the moon about the fact that Thor came with Stormbreaker as an exclusive pickaxe. Instead many believe that Thor’s Stormbreaker should’ve been a pickaxe that all fans could use, regardless of character costume.

A lot of fans aren’t happy with this move, and instead, want Fortnite to stop using built-in cosmetics though that isn’t going to happen.

Fans aren’t as mad about Mljinor being exclusive to Jane Foster, mainly because the hammer is mystical and has its own set of rules and regulations, while Stormbreaker doesn’t. The hammer can only be lifted if you’re worthy or like in Thor: Love and Thunder, if it’s changed to protect a character.

Stormbreaker isn’t the same type as a weapon, as seen in one of the Tweets, many characters have lifted it in the MCU.

There’s no issue with built-in cosmetics

The built-in cosmetics complaint for Stormbreaker and in general is silly. These collaborations aren’t cheap and Epic Games and Fortnite have to make money off of them, otherwise, there’s no point in doing them. More than likely Disney is charging a pretty penny to use their properties in Fortnite and that means the crew at Epic has to find every way possible to make these characters worth purchasing.

The outfit alone doesn’t always justify the purchase.

Now, in time, we’d like to see certain cosmetics get released beyond the outfit, like the lightsabers, but I understand why it is the way it is. Though, if not releasing them permanently, why not bring in weapons like Stormbreaker into the game the way Fortnite brings in the lightsabers and blasters?

Make them a limited-time-use weapon, that should help give people what they want.

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