Watch: Top5Gaming’s “20 SECRETS In Fortnite’s NEW UPDATE!”

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Are you overwhelmed by the latest update and not sure what all is new?

Fortnite is hard to keep up with sometimes. You never know exactly what the game will be adding to the service with each passing week. We know the change in seasons and the chapters will provide a massive update but the occasional updates also change things.

Not as dramatically, obviously, but enough that there are a lot of minor details that aren’t always noticed. So it’s a good thing to have a channel like Top5Gaming to help us out.

They released a new video that talks about the biggest changes to the game after the latest update this week, and if you aren’t sure about all the new changes, this is the video for you.

Five most surprising secrets revealed in Top5Gaming’s video

The temple ruin puzzle

I love that they brought in not only booby traps into the new temple but that they also made it accessible only by solving a puzzle. Puzzles in video games aren’t as common anymore as they used to be so it’s nice to see Fortnite adding them. Now if only I can get my Resident Evil crossover with some puzzles.

The Lonely Henchmen

The Lonely Henchmen storyline is a quiet one, with the remanents of the last few villain groups banding together to basically just hang out and party. I love it, and it’s little touches like this that make Fortnite so much fun.

Skatepark POI

I grew up on roller blades and at skate parks, this speaks to the punk in me. I’m very excited over this and if the mechanics are better than Aggressive Inline, then I will want for nothing ever again.

August 19th Dragon Ball Crossover?

Dragon Ball was the anime that started a million fandoms, so to see it getting the love it finally deserves in Fortnite is long overdue.

Archive locker feature

While I don’t have this issue, having the option to hide parts of your locker that you no longer want to use is going to help so many players.

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