Watch: Top5Gamings’ “15 Fortnite COLLABS Everyone Wants”

Four characters riding horses in Take-Two's Red Dead Redemption
Four characters riding horses in Take-Two's Red Dead Redemption /

Collabs in Fortnite are as common as snow in winter.

Fortnite has gotten itself into a rut with its collaborations or collabs. They’ve essentially maxed themselves out as a collab-fest, and fans are eating them up. While it’s stunted some of the more original and awesome designs, collabs are becoming a major part of the game’s economic ecosystem.

Top5Gaming is here to remind us, however, that even though we’ve had a lot of collaborations, that doesn’t mean we can’t have more.

They ran down a list of 15 collabs that they hope make it into the game eventually and they’re not bad, but they’re not the most inspired. We’ve talked about how we would like to see Fortnite bring in Stranger Things into the game, but we’re still waiting for that.

We found two other suggestions in their video that we like, however, and we’re going to tell you with ones we agree with.

Three Fortnite collabs we agree with

Stranger Things

When it comes to Stranger Things, fans are going to want to get their hands on any collaborations sooner rather than later. The franchise is ending after its next season, and then after that, it won’t be as significant in the zeitgeist as it currently is. Getting them into the game has to happen sooner rather than later.

Both Red Dead Redemptions

We love the idea of Red Dead Redemption in the game, but just the first game and just John Marsten isn’t enough. We deserve Arthur Morgan too. Both games and both characters are too well written and too well developed to exclude one or the other.


While Futurama is enjoyable, it wouldn’t be the animated series I would first bring in (King of the Hill, anyone?), but of all the others in this list of 15 potential collabs, Futurama was the one I most enjoyed.

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