Fortnite Creative gets v21.10 upate, sees new options from Battle Royale

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Fortnite’s Creative mode got updated with the v21.10 patch.

The Battle Royale updates have been wild, especially the addition of Darth Vader. Vader’s arrival signaled a whole new era for the game, and supposedly created one of the toughest bosses in the game (though I’m willing to debate that).

Battle Royale wasn’t the only thing that got updated though, as Creative got an overhaul as well. Some of the major new additions to the game mode are the rideable wildlife option, a guard spawner, and an item placer among other things.

The new item placer device is interesting. Apparently, you can now drop any item into the Item Placer and select where you want to put it in the game. With the item, you can also create custom text and whether or not the placed item drops to the ground.

Of course, the rideable animals and hireable guards are not new to the game as they’re part of the Battle Royale experience as well.

What else is new to Creative?

The creative mode has also added all of the new weapons for Chapter 3, Season 3, and has brought them in from common all the way to mythic levels. They’ve brought in weather updates as well, plus the new grapple glove.

That’s not all, as a lot of fixes have been made to the game as well, especially to the prefab and gallery area of the game mode.

Creative is one of the best modes in all of Fortnite as it gives you a lot of flexibility and creative freedom to design the game as you want to. There are expected updates coming to the game mode that may change things up radically in the near future, so get to using it as it is while you can.

You never know when the next major update will shake things up for good.

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