Darth Vader gets Fortnite spin on classic Star Wars scene

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Darth Vader is in Fortnite and he got an epic trailer.

We talked about Darth Vader joining Fortnite as a boss for this season already. He arrives in his Imperial ship and lands at a different destination in the game every time. With him comes two Storm Troopers and the opportunity to get wrecked by Anakin Skywalker himself.

The boss battle sees Vader with a lightsaber that he can strike at you with, or whip at you like a projectile. He can also dash attack so fast it looks like he’s teleporting and of course, his force choke ability which drags players to him.

He’s as OP as a boss can get and he has the most coveted item in the game currently, the Darth Vader lightsaber.

To introduce him to the gaming community, fans got a look at him in their first official trailer for his arrival and it’s a scenario that seems all too familiar.

Darth Vader’s Fortnite arrival will give Rogue One fans nightmares

Darth Vader’s arrival in Fortnite mirrored his arrival in the Star Wars film, Rogue One. In the film, the rebels have secured the plans for the Death Star, and are giving them to one another as they run away from Imperial troops.

The goal is to get the information into a smaller cruiser to try and outrun the Empire. In doing so, several Rebel guards get stuck in a series of bulkheads, locked and sealed, leaving these men to their fate as Lord Vader himself emerges from the shadows and starts hacking his way through everyone.

We saw something similar in the trailer but it wasn’t at all as violent or horrifying as it was the first time we saw Vader in Rogue One.

After all, there’s a dude with a Pug for a head. It kinda kills the tension.

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