Crossovers hit 50% of new cosmetics, is Fortnite doing too many?

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Fortnite is sure loading up on crossover cosmetics but is it too much?

Fortnite is becoming more and more known for its crossover cosmetics. It’s a staple of their entire financial windfall. Most of their recent additions, at least the more popular ones, have been crossover items. Anyone who’s ever purchased an item from the store is probably guilty of it to some degree.

I know I am, but dang, those Street Fighter outfits were too good to pass up.

Yet, we have to ask, is it becoming almost too much? See, Epic Gamesi is now relying so much on crossovers that it’s at 50% of its marketplace being crossovers. This has been a gradual thing we’ve seen since 2019.

Around the time of Chapter 2 time, they made up just 20% of the market according to Fortnite News. Then to 28% in Chapter 2, Season 4. By Chapter 3, Season 1, you’re looking at 52% of the items are now crossovers, and one has to wonder if this is what Fortnite should be doing. Right now the number is just below 50% but that’s expected to change as the season progresses.

Fortnite could make more money by not having to split profits with other companies

Whether it’s Marvel, Street Fighter, Stranger Things, or whomever, every crossover item from the company has to be split with the company they’re working for. So every time Disney lets Marvel or Star Wars appears, Epic Games has to pay Disney money to use those characters.

Yes, they bring in a lot of attention, and they’re likely to bring in a lot of money, but Fortnite could just start creating more original characters and doing everything they can to get them featured elsewhere.

Imagine if Pokemon had to use something like Care Bears or My Little Pony characters for their game, sure they may have drawn more eyes initially, but they wouldn’t have been able to develop their own brand.

Right now Fortnite should worry less about the crossovers and should focus more on getting people to buy into their originals as Overwatch did with Tracer.

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