Fortnite needs to make Ballers rechargeable, otherwise what’s the point?

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Fortnite has brought back the Ballers but made them pointless.

While the return of the Ballers was well known and highly anticipated, to see how they were brought back is wildly disappointing. They’re only found in one location, the mountain roller coaster called The Screwballer. They are ample in the location, so it’s unlikely you won’t find one to use if you land there.

The problem is, even if you can get your hands on them, there’s really no point. The Ballers are not powered by gas, they’re powered by electricity. That makes them wholly unique for the game. That also makes them impossible to recharge.

No matter what you do, it won’t happen. If you want to recharge the Baller, you’ll have to just go find a new one once you run out of juice. This has developed a major problem within the game as fans are already done using them.

It’s not even the fact they can’t be re-charged, it’s how fast the charge dissipates.

Fortnite needs to fix the Baller issues if they don’t want players to abandon them

Honestly, after the first few days, no one was using Ballers anymore when I would start a game. At least, I should say, no one was using them outside of the region they can be found. They quickly became abandoned and unused. Almost like the tank in Chapter 3, Season 2 after the Anvil Launcher was introduced to the game.

The Anvil Launcher however was brought into the game to help combat the tank.

The Ballers weren’t introduced to help fix what’s broken, they are what’s broken. Ballers need either a much longer charge to negate the need to refill, or a place they can be refilled so that players can reliably use them. If they don’t make one of those two fixes soon, the Ballers won’t be used at all in the coming weeks.

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