3 popular modern animes Fortnite should do partnerships with

Fortnite is working with Naruto again but that’s not the only modern anime franchise to work with.

Fortnite and Naruto are once again pairing up for the Fortnite x Naruto second wave of outfits for fans to purchase. The animation franchise is among the most impressive and long-lasting mangas and series going and both encompass an old-school vibe, as it’s nearly 30 years old, and a newer vibe as the last series just ended not that long ago.

So what other recent anime should get the Fortnite treatment? That’s a good question.

We already covered older animes from a bygone era, but this time we’re looking at newer ones. Not nearly as long-lasting as a series like Naruto but more relevant to modern audiences. So what other animes could work with in the game? Let’s find out.

Three modern animes that could work in Fortnite

My Hero Academia

Any fan of modern anime knows about All Might and the rest of the characters from My Hero Academia. The students at UA, the teachers, and the villains of the series are among some of the most uniquely designed in the game. Being uniquely designed will get people invested in the characters and will provide some much-needed flash. If Fortnite wants the best anime has to offer, they’re going to need to go plus-ultra.

Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager’s titan form would be a top seller in Fortnite, though don’t ask me how they get around the whole lack of no-clothes thing. That and you also have Mikasa, Armin, and of course Levi who would be a great crop of characters to use as your initial first four.

Assassination Classroom

Having just finished its English run in America, the story of Assassination Classroom is as bonkers as it gets. An alien comes to earth, that basically can’t be killed and teaches school children how to be assassins? It’s all right there. The main character, Koro-sensei is among the most unique-looking anime characters ever and fans would love to see his involvement in the video game franchise.