3 other weather ideas that Fortnite should bring into the game

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Fortnite brought back weather effects but they should add more.

Midway through Chapter 3, Season 1, Fortnite introduced new weather effects that would help shake up the gameplay. The game brought in thunderstorms that saw lighting zap players if they stood around too long underneath the storm clouds. The other effect was the tornado that would see an actual tornado whip up buildings, vehicles, and even players.

The tornado was also really useful if you were trying to get stunt points, as you could ride a Quadcrusher into the tornado to rack up some sick points. The weather effects were removed for Chapter 3, Season 2, probably to not draw focus away from the Imagined Order and The Seven. Or because the game couldn’t handle the weather effects and the war theme.

The developers brought back the weather effects for Chapter 3, Season 3, so tornados and thunderstorms are back in the game for fans to enjoy. Not only that, but developers want people to know that these weather effects aren’t determinants, but assets for players.

The tornado is able to whisk people away and hurl them across the area without sustaining fall damage, while thunderstorms can give players a speed boast, though it will cause minimal damage to be struck by lighting.

We should also mention that the game already had a weather effect, technically, with the haze/fog that sometimes develops. So we won’t put that on the list but if they did a far more intense fog mechanic, that would be dope too.

3 other weather ideas to introduce to Fortnite


Unlike the other weather ideas already in the game, the hail would work strictly as a player punishment mechanism. If you don’t leave the area soon enough, the hail will unload on you, giving players damage. It can affect the shield first, and be minor damage so it’s not overpowered.


Having random flooding events would be awesome. Imagine you’re just strolling through Coney Crossroads when the river floods, making the entire area something you have to traverse by swiming.


Dropping a blizzard on a player that slows them down would really be an interesting mechanic, that would counter-act the thunderstorms.

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