Fortnite is giving away a free emote as long as you watch Twitch

Epic Games
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Fortnite is giving fans a chance to earn a new free emote just for watching Twitch.

Fortnite is what it is because of people streaming the game on Twitch, so it’s really not surprising at all to see the folks at Epic Games giving away a free emote just for watching 30 minutes of a Twitch user that is streaming the game.

So, how do you earn your free emote?

First, you have to link your Epic Games account to Twitch by going to ‘Connections’ in your Epic account settings. (You can also just CLICK HERE). Once you’re there, follow the instructions, and boom, you’re linked. Then all you have to do is find a streamer that’s playing Fortnite, and start by watching 30 minutes of their content.

Make sure the streamer has Drops enabled on their Twitch stream, or you’re going to be wasting your time. The emote can be had between now and June 9, and it’s likely that if you don’t get it now, you won’t get a second shot at this emote. So if you love your emotes that much, make sure you snag it while you can.

Fortnite should give away something better than an emote

Frankly, I find it a bit concerning that Epic Games wants to link to your personal Twitch account. This feels data-driven, as a cheap way to get access to a person’s private information. Listen, that’s fine, all tech companies and while it sucks, I get it.

But if I’m going to risk my private data, I’m going to want a free outfit out of it at least. Otherwise, why bother?

I’m sitting this out. I don’t use emotes that much and I certainly don’t like the idea of linking any account to any other account. It feels like something that doesn’t need to be done.

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