Launch date for Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 3 confirmed

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The world of Fortnite will change when Chapter 3, Season 3 is launched.

The end of the war between the Imagined Order and The Seven is at hand. On June 4, in just a handful of days, the battle for the island finally ends, with only one side being able to claim victory. Major changes are coming to the island, according to rumors, and to accommodate the changes, the game will need to properly launch.

So when can fans expect the game to launch Chapter 3, Season 3 in earnest?

Well, buried in the announcement for Gen Hoshino’s upcoming Soundwave Series, was a revelation that the game will launch Chapter 3, Season 3 on June 5, meaning that the game will likely be down for some time after fans got in to play the live event; Collision.

Leak on Nintendo eShop could hint at Chapter 3, Season 3’s fate

A recent leak on Nintendo’s eShop shows a new logo for Chapter 3, Season 3. It’s not too dissimilar from the images of Fortnite in the past, which usually feature the Battle Bus flying in the air, but this one has a more colorful tone. Instead of a clear blue sky, the sky looks to be either rising or setting.

More orange can be seen than before, with a mass of clouds spread through the air. It feels more in line with the sunset during summer.

This may help prove the rumors true about what the game will be doing in Season 3. There was a leak that said the island would be turned into a desert of sorts. With most of the water being taken away and players having to use small oases to heal, likely instead of campfires.

Not only that but the purple storm will be replaced by a red “heatwave“, thus doubling down on the “hot” theme for the season.

The more summer tones and the feeling of heat that comes in the image seem to support such a theory.

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